BPCL Partners with Indian Olympic Association as Principal Sponsor

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Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), a ‘Maharatna’ and Fortune Global 500 Company, has announced its role as the official Principal Partner of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) for a four-year period, covering the Paris Olympics in 2024 through to the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028. This partnership is a significant step in supporting Indian athletes’ journey from Paris to Los Angeles.

Supporting Indian Athletes’ Grit and Determination

BPCL’s partnership with the IOA is a testament to its dedication to honoring and supporting the relentless spirit of Indian athletes, many of whom come from underprivileged backgrounds across the country. This collaboration emphasizes BPCL’s commitment to nurturing sporting talent and fostering national unity through initiatives designed to inspire and uplift the Indian contingent heading to Paris and beyond.

Campaigns to Inspire and Galvanize Support

BPCL plans to launch a series of campaigns aimed at bolstering support for Indian athletes participating in the Olympic Games. These initiatives are intended to celebrate the athletes’ pursuit of excellence on the global stage and to cultivate new sporting icons for India. By highlighting the hard work and determination of these athletes, BPCL hopes to inspire the nation and galvanize support from all corners of India.

Commitment to Sports Development and National Pride

The partnership reflects a shared vision between BPCL and the IOA to cultivate role models in sports and promote a sense of national pride. It underscores BPCL’s ongoing efforts to invest in sports development across the nation, encouraging the next generation of athletes who aim to shine at future Olympic Games. This collaboration is not just about sponsorship; it’s about creating an ecosystem that supports and nurtures talent, leading to the emergence of new sports heroes.

Vision for Sustainability and Community Engagement

Beyond sports sponsorship, BPCL is committed to integrating sustainable practices into its operations, aiming to become a Net Zero Energy Company by 2040. The company engages in various community initiatives, focusing on education, skill development, and environmental conservation, aligning its corporate vision with broader societal goals. By balancing its commercial success with social responsibility, BPCL is contributing to the holistic development of the communities it serves.


BPCL’s partnership with the Indian Olympic Association as the principal sponsor from 2024 to 2028 is a landmark initiative that underscores the company’s commitment to sports, sustainability, and community development. This collaboration not only supports Indian athletes on their Olympic journey but also promotes a broader vision of national pride, unity, and excellence.

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