Current Affairs 01 March 2024 & Test | Latest News & Updates

Current Affairs 01 March 2024 & Test Latest News & Updates


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1. The wood of which tree has been used in the Lignosat Probe satellite made by NASA and JAXA?

  1. Cedar Tree
  2. Oak Tree
  3. Magnolia Tree
  4. Pine Tree

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3. Magnolia Tree

2. What is meant by dendrochronology?

  1.  Determining the age of a tree
  2. Studying rock formations
  3. Analyzing fossilized pollen
  4. Measuring ocean currents

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  1.  Determining the age of a tree

3. What is the slogan of the Conference on Conservation of Migratory Species (CMS COP14)?

  1. Wildlife Without Boundaries
  2. Nature Knows No Borders
  3. Borders Define Nature
  4. Conservation Across Boundaries

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2. Nature Knows No Borders

4. A total of four countries are included in I2U2. Which ones are they?

  1. Italy, Ireland, Ukraine, Uganda
  2. India, Israel, UAE, U.S.
  3. Iran, Iraq, Uruguay, Ukraine
  4. Indonesia, Iceland, Uruguay, Uzbekistan

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2. India, Israel, UAE, U.S.

5. Which is the largest island of Japan?

  1. Hokkaido
  2. Kyushu
  3.  Honshu
  4. Shikoku

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3. Honshu

6. Who is the brand ambassador of SBI?

  1. Shri Shaktikanta Das
  2. Priyanka Chopra
  3. Aamir Khan
  4. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

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4. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

7. Whose autobiography is ‘Ace Against Odds’?

  1. Sania Mirza
  2. Serena Williams
  3. Rafael Nadal
  4. Novak Djokovic

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  1. Sania Mirza

8. When is World Pangolin Day celebrated?

  1. Second Sunday of March every year
  2. Last Friday of February every year
  3. Third Saturday of February every year
  4. First Monday of February every year

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3. Third Saturday of February every year

9. Xinyue Maitri military exercise takes place between which two countries?


  1. Japan – India
  2. Nepal – India
  3. Russia – Pakistan
  4. Australia – South Korea

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  1. Japan – India

10. What is the currency of Mongolia?


  1. Tashkent
  2. Bishkek
  3. Astana
  4. Tugrik

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4. Tugrik

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Some lines of current affairs 01 March 2024 news


  • ISRO tested a key rocket engine for Chandrayaan-3 successfully at Mahendragiri in Tamil Nadu.
  • The Jan Aushadhi scheme aims for a turnover of more than ₹1,000 crore this year, with more pharmacies and new products.
  • National Science Day, celebrated on February 28, marks the discovery of the “Raman Effect”.
  • India experienced its hottest February in over a hundred years, and heat waves are expected from March to May.
  • Rajesh Malhotra, a 1989-batch Indian Information Service officer, is now the Principal Director General of the Press Information Bureau.
  • Karnataka and Gujarat lead in transitioning to clean electricity among major states, according to a report.


  • The UK plans to start a program for exchanging people between India and Britain, and they’ll also appoint someone to focus on technology in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • The G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting will be held in person in New Delhi while India is leading.
  • The UK government made an important agreement, called the Windsor Framework, with the European Union about trade rules for Northern Ireland after Brexit.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin forbids using foreign words to safeguard the Russian language.


  • PR Sreejesh and Savita, the goalkeepers for the men’s and women’s hockey teams, won the Sportstar ACES 2023 award.
  • Djokovic defeated Tomas Machac at the Dubai Championships, continuing his winning streak to 18 matches.


  1. The government started a Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC) to resolve disputes without revealing identities, following IT Rules.
  2. According to CMIE Data, India’s jobless rate went up to 7.45% in February, compared to 7.14% in the prior month.
  3. Axis Bank finished buying Citigroup’s consumer business in India for ₹11,603 crore.

MoUs and Agreements

NTPC Green Energy JV and MAHAGENCO signed an agreement

NTPC Green Energy (NGEL), a part of NTPC, and Maharashtra State Power Generation Company (MAHAGENCO) signed a Joint Venture Agreement. They aim to build Renewable Energy Parks in Maharashtra. This venture will create large-scale renewable energy parks and launch projects in phases. It aligns with NTPC’s green energy goals and supports India’s shift to cleaner energy. Abhay Harne from MAHAGENCO and V V Sivakumar from NGEL signed the agreement on February 28 at NTPC headquarters in New Delhi. NTPC Group aims to achieve 60 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2032, with 3.4 GW already installed and over 22 GW planned. NTPC is dedicated to helping Maharashtra and India reduce carbon emissions. MAHAGENCO has an installed capacity of around 13,170 MW, including thermal, hydro, gas, and solar-based power plants.

Important Days

Rare Disease Day 2024: 28 February

Rare Disease Day is usually on February 28 each year, but in leap years like 2024, it’s on February 29. It was declared on February 29, 2008, by EURORDIS and the National Alliance Council. The first celebration involved eighteen European countries. Since then, it’s been celebrated every last day of February. According to the National Organization for Rare Diseases, about one in ten Americans have a rare disease, and over 300 million people worldwide are affected.

Environment and Ecology

In the past four years, the number of leopards has gone up by over 1,000

The “Status of Leopards in India” report came out, announced by Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav. Between 2018 and 2022, India saw over 1,000 more leopards, with the total now at 13,874, up from 12,852 in 2018. The most leopards are in Madhya Pradesh, with 3,907. Maharashtra’s count rose from 1,690 to 1,985, Karnataka from 1,783 to 1,879, and Tamil Nadu from 868 to 1,070. However, the Shivalik hills and the Indo-Gangetic Plains saw a decrease from 1,253 to 1,109, with an annual decline of 3.4%. Some habitats, like non-forested areas and high Himalayas above 2000 meters, weren’t included in the survey. The National Tiger Conservation Authority, Wildlife Institute of India, and State Forest Departments collaborated on this fifth cycle leopard population estimation, which is crucial for leopard conservation efforts. Leopards are one of the five species in the Panthera genus.


Finance Secretary TV Somanathan will head the committee for a standard Know Your Customer (KYC) process

  • The committee will suggest how to make sure everyone follows the same rules for verifying identities.
  • People from various government departments will be part of the committee.
  • The Finance Stability and Development Council (FSDC) decided to create a plan to make the ID verification process in finance more digital and easier.
  • After FSDC made this decision, they formed the committee.
  • In the 2023-24 budget, FM Sitharaman mentioned that the ID verification process would be made easier.
  • She said it would be done by looking at the risk involved rather than treating everyone the same.


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