Current Affairs 16 March 2024 & Test | Latest News & Updates

Current Affairs 16 March 2024 & Test Latest News & Updates


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1. Which is the first country in the world to recently make abortion a constitutional right?

  1. Britain
  2. France
  3. USA
  4. Japan

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2. France

2. Where has India’s first 500 MW indigenous prototype fast breeder reactor been commissioned recently?

  1. Tamil Nadu
  2. Karnataka
  3. Kerala
  4. Andhra Pradesh

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  1. Tamil Nadu

3. Where has the country’s first green hydrogen plant been started in the stainless steel sector recently?

  1. Haryana
  2. Gujarat
  3. Punjab
  4. Rajasthan

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  1. Haryana

4. Who has recently launched ‘Chakshu Portal’?

  1. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
  2. Ministry of Education
  3. Home Minsitry
  4. Ministry of Cooperation

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  1. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

5. Where is ‘BIMSTEC Faculty Exchange Programme’ held?

  1. New Delhi
  2. New Delhi
  3. Dhaka
  4. Colombo

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3. Dhaka

6. Where was the world’s first jet suit race organized?

  1. Australia
  2. China
  3. South Korea
  4. UAE

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4. UAE

7. Who has recently organized the 5th edition of ‘National Youth Parliament Festival’ in Parliament?

  1. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
  2. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports
  3. Ministry of Defence
  4. Home Ministry

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2. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

8. Who has recently become the ‘first woman sniper’ of BSF?

  1. Deepika Mishra
  2. Prerna Devsthali
  3. Suman Kumari
  4. Shaliza Dhami

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3. Suman Kumari

9. Recently Geological Survey of India celebrated its 174th Foundation Day, where is its headquarters?

  1. Kolkata
  2. Dehradun
  3. Hyderabad
  4. Mumbai

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  1. Kolkata

10. Three new moons recently discovered by the International Astronomical Union are related to?

  1. Uranus
  2. Neptune
  3. Both of the above
  4. Saturn

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3. Both of the above

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Some lines of current affairs 16 March 2024 news


Atal Innovation Mission introduces ATL Sarthi

The Atal Innovation Mission is setting up Atal Tinkering Laboratories (ATLs) in schools throughout India. These labs aim to encourage curiosity, creativity, and imagination among students, while also teaching skills like design thinking, computational thinking, adaptive learning, and physical computing. Currently, AIM has provided funding to establish ATLs in 10,000 schools.

The largest food and hospitality fair in Asia, AAHAR 2023, kicks off in Delhi

AAHAR 2023 aimed to exhibit the hospitality industry’s potential by showcasing technologies, products, and services to both domestic and international consumers. It was organized with support from the Union Ministry of Food Processing Industries, APEDA, and other organizations.


A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Kermadec Island in New Zealand

A strong earthquake, measuring 7.1 magnitude, hit the Kermadec Islands region of New Zealand, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). It occurred around 10 km (6.21 miles) deep. The US Tsunami Warning System has issued a tsunami warning as a precaution. Reports in New Zealand media mention the implementation of rescue measures to ensure safety. However, both the National Emergency Management Agency (Nema) and the Bureau of Meteorology have stated that there’s no tsunami risk to mainland New Zealand and Australia.

Eric Garcetti is now the US Ambassador to India

The US Senate Committee has named Eric Garcetti as the new US Ambassador to India, following a delay in his appointment despite being nominated by President Joe Biden nearly two years ago. Garcetti, who served four consecutive terms as the President of the Los Angeles City Council, has a close relationship with President Biden and is a prominent figure in the Democratic Party. However, his nine-year tenure as the mayor of Los Angeles was marked by controversy, including a notable incident in 2020.


The Uttarakhand government has approved a 10% reservation for statehood activists

The government of Uttarakhand, led by Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, approved a 10% reservation for statehood campaigners in state government positions during a cabinet meeting in Bhararisain. This decision is notable because it addresses a longstanding issue where the governor had previously rejected a similar bill. Statehood activists have not had the benefit of this reservation for the past 12 years.

Key points for competitive exams:

  • Uttarakhand was founded on November 9, 2000.
  • Chief Minister of Uttarakhand: Pushkar Singh Dhami.
  • Official tree of Uttarakhand: Rhododendron arboreum.
  • Capitals of Uttarakhand: Dehradun (Winter), Gairsain (Summer).


Shreya Ghodawat is named Ambassador for India for the She Changes Climate campaign

Shreya Ghodawat, a climate entrepreneur, is now India’s ambassador for the She Changes Climate campaign. This global initiative aims to raise awareness about the vital contribution of women in advancing fair climate action. On International Women’s Day, the non-profit organization “She Changes Climate” launched the “Embrace Equity” campaign to amplify women’s voices on climate change effects.

Honeywell names Vimal Kapur as CEO

Vimal Kapur will become the new CEO of Honeywell International, replacing Darius Adamczyk on June 1. Kapur, who currently serves as president and COO, brings 34 years of experience at Honeywell to his new role. He will also join the company’s board of directors on March 13. As CEO, Kapur will focus on implementing the Accelerator program and standardizing global business models to enhance performance in each segment.

Key points for competitive exams:

  • Honeywell International was founded in 1906 in Wabash, Indiana, by Mark C. Honeywell.
  • The company is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.


India and the World Bank have agreed to a loan for building Green National Highway Corridors in four states

India’s government and the World Bank have agreed to fund the Green National Highway Corridors Project with a $500 million loan, covering a portion of the total project cost of $1,288.24 million (Rs 7,662.47 crore). This project will involve building 781 km of highways across Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh.


Microsoft signs a licensing agreement with Boosteroid, a cloud gaming provider

Microsoft has struck a deal to bring Xbox PC video games to the Boosteroid cloud gaming platform, part of its efforts to address concerns from antitrust regulators regarding its acquisition of game maker Activision Blizzard. This 10-year agreement will also cover Activision Blizzard titles such as the popular Call of Duty series if and when the acquisition is approved. The aim is to strengthen Microsoft’s position in the growing videogaming market, competing with leaders like Tencent and Sony, while also laying the groundwork for its investment in the metaverse. Additionally, Microsoft is announcing new partnerships to convince regulators in the U.S. and Europe to approve the $69 billion all-cash transaction.


Banks from 18 countries approved by RBI to trade in rupee: Government in Rajya Sabha

The RBI has allowed banks from 18 countries to open Special Rupee Accounts (SVRAs) for rupee transactions, as announced by the government. Minister of State for Finance Bhagwat Kishanrao Karad mentioned in the Rajya Sabha that the RBI has granted 60 approvals for this purpose. The countries eligible for SVRAs include Botswana, Fiji, Germany, Guyana, Israel, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, New Zealand, Oman, Russia, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, and the United Kingdom.

Suryodaya Small Finance Bank introduced the Blossom Women’s Savings Account

Suryoday Small Finance Bank introduced the ‘Blossom Women’s Savings Account’ with a 7% annual interest rate and monthly interest payments. The account comes with a RuPay Platinum Debit Card that offers shopping discounts. It can be accessed through the bank’s 571 branches and digital banking platform.


In February 2023, India’s retail inflation decreased to 6.44%

India’s inflation rate in February decreased to 6.44% from 6.52% in January 2023, as reported by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation on March 13. In December 2022, it was 5.72%, in November 5.88%, and in October 2022, it was 5.59%.


Sea Dragon 23 multi-lateral anti-submarine warfare exercise begins

On March 14, 2023, the Indian Navy sent a P8I aircraft to Guam, USA, for the third ‘Exercise Sea Dragon 23’, a multi-country Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) drill hosted by the US Navy. The exercise, happening from March 15 to March 30, 2023, aims to enhance ASW tactics and conduct advanced ASW exercises with participating nations.

Science and Technology

OpenAI announced GPT-4, a new and improved generation of AI language model

OpenAI recently announced GPT-4, the latest version of its large language model. It powers apps like ChatGPT and the new Bing search engine. GPT-4 is more advanced and trained on a larger dataset, making it more costly to operate. According to OpenAI, GPT-4 can handle complex tasks with improved accuracy and is more creative and collaborative than its predecessors. It can assist in creative and technical writing assignments, generating, revising, and iterating with users. Additionally, the new model can respond to both text and graphics.

The government announced the first cancellation of the Gaganyaan mission in May

The Gaganyaan program aims to show India’s ability to send people into Low Earth Orbit and return them safely using an Indian rocket. It includes four abort missions, starting in May 2023, as well as test vehicle missions and an uncrewed mission scheduled for 2024.


February’s ICC Players of the Month: Ashleigh Gardner and Harry Brook

In February 2023, the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced the winners of the Player of the Month awards. Ashleigh Gardner from Australia won the ICC Women’s Player of the Month, while Harry Brook from England clinched the ICC Men’s Player of the Month. These results mirrored those of December 2022, when both players also won after their teams had successful months in both short and long format cricket.

RCB partners with Equitas Small Finance Bank for IPL 2023

In IPL 2023, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) teamed up with Equitas Small Finance Bank for banking services. Equitas will offer RCB various banking services like salary accounts and forex. This partnership showcases Equitas’ commitment to impacting lives beyond banking. Equitas currently operates 10 branches in Bengaluru, serving over 170,000 customers with 170 employees.

Gianni Infantino remains FIFA president for another term

Gianni Infantino was re-elected as FIFA president until 2027 without opposition. His impressive financial management was cited as a key factor in the decision to maintain him as CEO for life. The vote took place during a congress attended by 211 member federations. These federations have experienced a significant rise in their annual funding from FIFA, increasing from $250,000 to $2 million since Infantino’s initial election in 2016.

Ranks and Reports

2023 SIPRI report: India is the world’s biggest arms buyer

India remains the top buyer of military gear globally, even though there was an 11% drop in purchases from 2013–17 to 2018–22, as per a study by Sipri. The report comes out as India aims to boost its own defense production. This year, the defense budget allocated around Rs 1 lakh crore for local procurement, up from Rs 84,598 crore, Rs 70,221 crore, and Rs 51,000 crore in the preceding three years.


Actor Sameer Khakhar, known for his role as Khopdi in the TV series ‘Nukkad’, has passed away

Sameer Khakhar, a seasoned actor known for his work in theater, television, and film, has died. He is best known for playing “Khopdi” in the well-loved TV show “Nukkad.” While Khakhar had a diverse career, his portrayal of Khopdi stood out and earned him widespread acclaim. His passing is mourned by the industry and his fans who admired his versatility as a performer.

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