Hyderabad | Where is the change Baboy!.. Greater people are getting tired of water shortage and electricity cuts.

Hyderabad Where is the change Baboy!.. Greater people are getting tired of water shortage and electricity cuts.

Public anger is mounting against the Congress government that came to power with promises. From the poor living in slums to businessmen, real estate experts, students, women..

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Rising Discontent and Comparisons: KCR’s Legacy Versus Congress’ Stumbling Start

People’s anger is mounting against the Congress government that came to power with false promises. From the poor to businessmen, real estate experts, students, women, etc., the people of different communities are strongly opposing the Revanth government. This is the regime, this is the change, Baboy. It is against this backdrop that KCR’s rule is being remembered as a stable government and an effective leader in the last ten years.

For the past four months, people have been waiting for the rule of the new government.. Parliament elections on the one hand.. on the other hand, problems with drinking water, electricity cuts, stalled development works.. welfare fruits in the distance.. people have suddenly taken steps towards the voice of protest. The protests against the government, the opposition on social media platforms and the public reactions of the candidates during the campaign season reflect the opposition to the Congress rule.

The face of politics changed after KCR went public

The Congress government is giving shocks after shocks to the people who expected to do something for the people. At the same time, the opposition party, which has been given a chance to adjust to the new government for a few years, has suffered severe losses for the farmers, power cuts and water shortages for the past few days. .

There is a wide discussion among investors that Hyderabad city has registered growth in every sector in the last ten years, especially international level infrastructure in a very short time. Real estate experts complain that the construction sector has shrunk during the last five months of Congress rule.

If the current goes out.. Congress has come?

It is enough if the current goes out.. The discussion about the arrival of the Congress government is leading to a heated discussion among the larger masses. It is claimed that the electricity supply in Hyderabad has been improved to the amazement of the country. They are expressing the opinion that if there were inverters for the apartments during the joint rule, the industries would have been shut down.

It is said that KCR has made the state without power cuts within six months and provided continuous electricity. Many people are discussing that power cuts are evident in the Congress government. In particular, the residents of the city say that Power Highland has been set up around Hyderabad and a network has been set up so that even if the supply from the place of electricity production stops, the supply can be made from another production center.

Is this water?

People are angry about the problem of drinking water. He said that the dry season has come and KCR’s regime has put an end to the water woes from the situation of empty pots demonstrations in front of the Khairatabad Jal Mandal and the protests of the opposition parties. People say that there were times when the previous government diverted the water of the two living rivers Krishna and Godavari to the city to cope with the growing population.

They are complaining that the water tanker has not been found for three days now. People say that when a water tanker arrives in the slums, there is no shortage of water and they are facing problems with scarce water. There is a heated discussion in the larger public that the changes brought by the Congress have increased the hardships of the people and that the urban people as well as the rural people are ready to learn a lesson in this parliamentary election.

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