Mahashivratri fair after two days, people are ready to come to the fair, but the road is dilapidated

Mahashivratri fair after two days, people are ready to come to the fair, but the road is dilapidated

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Only two days are left for the Mahashivratri fair to be held in Bazaartand of the city. On the occasion of Mahashivratri on March 8, a fair will be organized here in the premises of the ancient Shiva temple. The fair has been arranged by the Nagar Panchayat. This year the endowment of the fair has been done at Rs 25 lakh seven thousand. This is the highest donation for this fair so far, last year the fair was arranged for only Rs 9 lakh 35 thousand. Preparations for the fair have been started. Other businessmen including Jhula and Death Well, coming from outside, have started setting up their establishments. Swings etc. are being installed near the fire office, but the other thing is that if people are not able to reach the fair easily, then the preparations for the fair will come to naught. Let us tell you that there are three accessible ways to reach Bazartand Shivratri Fair, one can be reached from NH-75 near Cheknaka turn. The second route can reach the fair via Shivpuri-Jubilee Road and the third route reaches the fair via Banpur. The road at the entrance to the fair from NH-75 is in a dilapidated condition. There was water logging here due to the recent rains, which will also cause problems for pedestrians. These days a bridge has been constructed across the Jayatri River located on Shivpuri-Jubilee Road. Although the bridge has been constructed, the debris and construction materials are still lying at the construction site. The construction work of guardwall is still going on. If this is not rectified before Shivratri, then people coming to the fair will face a lot of trouble. Same is the situation on the road leading to the fair from Banpur. There are potholes in the road in Banpur Path, it is difficult to even walk here. Let us tell you that cattle farmers buy and sell their animals in Banpur Path only.

When asked in this regard, City Administrator Rajeev Ranjan said that the bridge sensor has been instructed to repair the approach road before the Mahashivratri fair. He said that street lights will also be installed on that route for easy movement at night, and full care will be taken for the convenience of the people.

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