Viral Video: Blocked by a sixer and turned into a run out..!

Viral Video Blocked by a sixer and turned into a run out..!

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A video of Nepali cricketer Kushal Bhurtel stopping a six with great fielding is getting popular on social media.

Nepal Clinches Victory Over Netherlands in Tri-Series T20I Match: Bhurtel’s Heroics Shine

In the Nepal T20I Tri-Series 2024, Nepal beat Netherlands in a match where Nepal played well in all aspects. Netherlands could only score 120 runs and struggled in their fielding. One standout moment was when Kushal Bhurtel prevented a six by blocking the ball at the boundary. Additionally, a video of him running out a batter has become popular on social media. In the 19th over, Vander Merv hit a big shot towards Longan, but Bhurtel leaped to block it. Another highlight was when Kingma was run out for 4 after a throw to the wicket keeper while attempting a second run. This incident has also gained attention on social media.

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