National Science Day 2024: Why is it celebrated on February 28?

National Science Day 2024 Why is it celebrated on February 28

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This year’s National Science Day theme is “Indigenous Technologies for Developing India.

Celebrating the Legacy of Scientific Discovery: National Science Day in India

National Science Day honors the discovery of the Raman Effect, celebrated annually on February 28 in India to recognize scientists’ contributions. CV Raman unveiled this effect on February 28, 1928, earning him the Nobel Prize in 1930. This year’s theme for National Science Day is “Indigenous Technologies for Developed India.”

This year’s National Science Day theme aims to boost public understanding of science, technology, and innovation, showcasing Indian scientists’ achievements in tackling challenges with homegrown technologies for the betterment of society. The theme heralds a fresh era and encourages collaboration between the public and scientific community, fostering contributions to India’s and humanity’s well-being. This statement comes from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In 1986, the Indian government established February 28 as National Science Day. Across the nation, various science communication activities are organized based on different themes to commemorate this occasion.

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