Nikki Haley wins first primary, ending Donald Trump’s winning streak

Nikki Haley wins first primary, ending Donald Trump's winning streak

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Nikki Haley won a significant victory in the nation’s capital just before Super Tuesday, a crucial day when 15 states and one territory vote in the US nominating process.

Nikki Haley Secures Victory in Washington DC Primary, Paving the Way for Showdown with Trump on Super Tuesday

Nikki Haley won the Republican primary in Washington DC on Sunday, marking her first win as she competes against Donald Trump. This victory is seen as important because it shows her effort to stay in the race. Washington DC, where she won, is mostly Democratic, with only a few Republicans. CNN reported her win, noting that there are around 22,000 registered Republicans in the city. Her win comes just before Super Tuesday, when many states and one territory vote in the US presidential nomination process.

Haley got 63% of the votes at a primary held in a downtown hotel, as per Politico, which cited Washington party officials.

During the 2020 election against Trump, Joe Biden won 92% of the votes in Washington.

The city has never favored a Republican presidential candidate with a majority vote.

The Haley campaign issued a statement, saying, “Republicans near Washington, who experience its dysfunction, are unsurprisingly rejecting Donald Trump and his chaos.”

Trump’s campaign responded to Nikki Haley’s actions by calling it “Nikki Haley Being Crowned Queen of The Swamp.” They said, “Tonight’s results in Washington DC show that President Trump’s goal is to drain the swamp and prioritize America.” This Super Tuesday is crucial, as Trump is very close to winning the Republican Party’s nomination, having already won all the early state primaries. Super Tuesday is seen as Haley’s final opportunity to challenge Trump’s bid to become the party’s candidate for president again, competing against Biden.


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