Using the blast timer? brought in a tiffin carrier; Alert in Delhi too

Using the blast timer brought in a tiffin carrier; Alert in Delhi too

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Explosive Device Found in Rameswaram Cafe Blast: Police Investigate Timer Connection

Remains of the timer used to blast the Rameswaram cafe have been found. The police believe that the explosion was controlled by a timer. The explosive device was in the Tiffin carrier. A less powerful IED was used. NIA and IB will hold talks with police officials in the afternoon.

Ten people were injured in the blast at the Rameswaram Cafe Hotel in Brookfield near Whitefield yesterday afternoon. Although it was initially suspected that the cooking gas cylinder had exploded, explosives were later found in the bag left behind. The unexpected explosion caused the employees to scatter. CCTV footage has been obtained of the person who came to eat leaving the bag behind. The man was seen taking tokens after paying and leaving without eating.

The woman who was sitting near the bag containing the explosives was the most injured. Doctors said that 45% of them will need plastic surgery. Their eardrums were broken. Even if the danger is overcome, the hearing may be lost. Glass and metal shards penetrated the bodies of some of the injured. There were 35-40 people in the cafe when the incident took place. After the explosion, they came out and ran. Delhi has also been alerted in the wake of the blast.

Strict action will be taken: CM

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that strict action will be taken against the culprits and the incident should not be politicized. If necessary, a high-level inquiry will be ordered. At first, many people thought that the cooking gas cylinder was broken. However, the owner Divya Raghavendra immediately informed that none of the cylinders in the hotel were broken.

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