Anant Ambani: Why did Anant Ambani gain weight again after losing 108 kg? What is the disease?

Anant Ambani Why did Anant Ambani gain weight again after losing 108 kg What is the disease

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Anant Ambani lost a lot of weight a few years back, but unfortunately, he gained it back. In an interview, his mother, Nita Ambani, explained why he gained weight again and talked about the disease that caused him to gain weight at a young age.

Anant Ambani’s Pre-Wedding Celebrations Begin Amid Spotlight on Weight Loss Journey

Anant Ambani, the younger son of Mukesh and Nita Ambani who own Reliance Industries, is currently in the spotlight. Anant and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding celebrations have begun in Jamnagar. Anant Ambani has impressed everyone with his Vantara project. They’ve begun their married life journey with blessings while serving food.

Meanwhile, Anant Ambani’s weight has been a topic of discussion. A few years ago, he lost 108 kg through diet and exercise, inspiring many. However, he gained weight again. Anant’s weight loss journey showed it’s possible to overcome obesity, but he gained weight back due to a sugar rush, as revealed by his mother Nita Ambani in an interview.

Anant Ambani’s mom, Nita Ambani, talked about why he gained weight in an interview back in 2018. Since he was 7, Anant has had asthma, needing medicine and steroids, which made him gain weight quickly. A while back, he weighed 208 kg, but then he lost 100 kg.

Losing 100 kilograms in a year and a half

In 2016, Anant Ambani lost 108 kg in just 18 months. He exercised for 5-6 hours daily, walking 21 kilometers, doing yoga, and weight training. He also did cardio exercises. Anant lost weight by eating high-protein, low-fat foods, consuming only 1200-1400 calories a day. His diet included green vegetables, pulses, dairy products, and milk, while he avoided junk food.


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